Environmental stress has a very bad effect on our horse and dog. It can lead to exaggerated behaviour, such as overreacting and anxiousness.  We produced STRESS AWAY to tackle all stress issues your animal is facing.


Stress-Away will help you to calm the imbalance of energy and allows the mind and kinetic energy to flow quietly. Since there is no perfect way to avoid stress for your animals, having a product that will get rid of the consequence of stress on animals is golden.


Our supplement has no side effect on animals and it works swiftly. The only thing you will regret is not adding STRESS-AWAY to your collection earlier.






SKU: 1002
  • We have been giving Stress-Away to our 18-year-old Thoroughbred gelding for almost 4 years.  Although a competitive junior hunter, he exhibited a variety of on-the-ground anxieties and was difficult to groom, tack up, bathe, and generally handle.  Since he has been consistently taking Stress-Away, his personality has changed dramatically - he has become one of the "friendliest" horses in the barn, is a pleasure to handle, and even has learned tricks, which he performs on cue with the promise of a treat.  And he still loves to jump!

    Louise Mango
    Phoenix Environmental Inc.