Is your horse or dog suffering from joint or mucle pain?


We have a solution that works like magic, our supplement, LUBRI-JOINT will restore your horse or  dog movement perfectly and get rid of all pains.


 Lubrication gets depleted with age and excess work out, we make this supplement to give your horse and dog freedom from joint problem even at old age.  It works exceptionally in healing injuries, reducing inflammation and pain associated with joints and muscles.

Our supplement has been used by many horse and they all continue to use it till date because of it's efficiency. Buying the LUBRI-JOINT is the best you can do for your horse or dog.





  • Dear Ayurveda for Animals (Sue)

    Thanks so much for suggesting the Joint Lube for my Chester! I have tried everything and nothing ever helped him, until Ayurveda for Animals JOINT-LUBRE. I was thinking I would have to retire him, that thought just broke my heart. Now I can ride him, he is no longer stiff and the inflammation is gone. I knew right away when he was feeling better, I have not to see hi run and bulk in the field like this for years. I have my Chester back, thanks to LUBRI-JOINT.

    Using Holistic products, especially Ayurveda medicinal herbs, berries, barks etc. is the perfect way to treat our beloved animals. I used many Ayurveda products myself and was happy and relieved that I can treat my Chester and my dogs with such amazing products.

    I can't thank you enough!!!

                                                 Sara Fein


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