Taking good care of your horse and dog is as important as taking good care of yourself. Our ULCERO-HEAL act synergistically to control thermal energy that leads to acid and ulcer formation by aiding the stomach during digestion and helps maintain natural PH.


Help your horse and dog to maintain natural PH and get rid of the thermal energy that cause acid and ulcer formation which are very dangerous to their health by buying the ULCERO-HEAL now.





Ulcero Heal

  • After my older gelding was diagnosed and treated for severe bleeding ulcers, we wanted to be confident that the ulcers would not recur.  We heard about Ulcero-heal, tried it, and found it to be a terrific natural product - on Ulcero-heal, my horse has remained ulcer-free for the past 2 years.  He also has regained muscle tone and his coat looks fantastic.  Moreover, he readily eats the small Ulcero-heal pills mixed in with his food.

    Louise Mango
    Phoenix Environmental Inc.