Is your horse suffering from joint or body pain, excess fluid or inflammation?


You might have tried many therapies which are not working, our supplement, INFLAM-AWAY is a pure natural product produced mainly to help you save your horse and dog from painful joint and body conditions. It reacts synergistically to eliminate excess fluid, ease pain and reduce inflammation in the joints and throughout the body.


This is the supplement you need to give your horse comfort and boost their performance with no side effect. This best seller product has save many horse from pain andgive them the comfort they deserves.






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  • Holistichorseandhounds has a terrific line of products, which have tremendously helped both my horse and my senior dog.  

    My horse, a 16-year-old thoroughbred hunter, had developed a variety of issues, ranging from chronic lameness, ulcers, and back soreness to general stress and nervousness.  After changing barns, changing saddles, adding ulcer medication, and many vets and chiropractic visits, the horse still exhibited the same symptoms.  I was told that he had spinal issues and arthritis and perhaps would have to be retired.  As a last resort, we tried Ayurveda for Animals Inflam-Away.  Astoundingly, within a few weeks, he was no longer lame and was happy to be put back into work!  Given that improvement in his health, we then tried Stress-Away and a semi-annual treatment of Blood Cleanse.  Now on a daily program of both Stress-Away and Inflam-Away, the horse could not be happier - he looks terrific, feels better, and is getting back into jumping.  

    With the success that I had with my horse on the Holistichorseandhounds products, I decided to see if Inflam-Away could also benefit my then-14-year old hunting dog (who weighs about 60 pounds), who was suffering from joint stiffness and having trouble walking.  To treat that, our vet had put him on Previcox.  Because of some concerns about side effects associated with long-term Preicox use, we decided to try Inflam-Away.  Again, the benefits of the Inflam-Away were almost immediately apparent - the dog's stiffness disappeared and he started playing again with our other dogs.  He is now more than 15 years old and loves to go for 1+ mile walks twice a day.

    Thanks, Holistichorseandhounds!  Looking forward to more great products using these ancient Holistichorseandhounds healing methods to help our pets!


                                               - Louise M.



    I adopted an 18-year-old thoroughbred gelding a few months ago. While he was well-loved at the farm, he hadn't had a regular rider in some time.  As a result, he had noticeable joint stiffness.  It was suggested that I try the Holistichorseandhounds Inflammaway supplement and several of my friends have raved about the results seen in their own horses. Based on their enthusiasm for the product, I started on a course of daily supplements. The results have been nothing short of miraculous!  Within a week I saw visible signs of improvement, and he continues to improve daily. He is more vibrant, an improved coat, and moves without stiffness. There are no synthetic ingredients in this product and that makes me feel so good about giving it to my horse. I love it and love the results!!

                                                          Many Thanks

                                                      - Julie