Hormonal imbalance is dangerous to our horse health, it can cause heavy, painful or irregular period. The effect of hormonal imbalance defers in horses and wide range, no matter the effect it is having on your horse or dog our EQUI-LIBRIUM will bring your horse or dog back to its normal state.


The EQUI-LIBRIUM supplement is produced to take care of both hormonal and behavioral imbalances in our dogs and horse. The EQUI-LIBRIUM is a natural Holistichorseandhounds herbal formula that has the relaxing effect of progesterone. The ingredients used in producing this supplement support hormonal balance and aids in quieting horse's responses to their environment.


It works perfectly for Mares, Stallions, and Geldings.  With continued daily feedings quickly improves behavior and quiets the mind.


Note: Results can be in as little as two days.  Usually allow 5-10 days for best results.




  • Shatavari Root
  • Wheat Grass Leaves
  • Amla Fruit
  • Ashoka Bark
  • Soyabean Seeds


  • After having great success with using Stress-Away product for preparing young horses to show the starting up rehab cases I was excited to try the Equi-Librium. After Depoprovera was banned by the USEF I had several horses experiencing hormonal and behavioural imbalance, the Equi-Librium has significantly helped stabilize their behaviour. I'm thrilled to have found an affordable, natural and effective product. 

    Kristen Abbatiello

    Professional Rider/Trainer


    I started using Equilibrium on a horse that was a bit difficult to work with and ride. He struggles with the turnout. He was unpredictable to ride, clip or workaround. He would become unsettled at the least little thing. After two weeks on the EquiLibrium, he started to be more settled in the stable and the paddock. He was more focused when being ridden. After a month I rarely worried about doing things with him that had before odd moments but was greatly improved. Having worked with horses for over 40yeards I would highly recommend EquiLibrium for anyone looking to take some of the edge off high strung and quicky horses. Give it a try, I think you will notice a difference in the first two weeks.

    Beth Bronson (Barn Manager)

    Ossian Ventures LLC

    Wellington Florida