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The formulation of each natural ayurvedic product aims to balance each specific energy that causes illness or discomfort in our animals. Our products are always all-natural and 100% safe for your pets.



Have You Been Looking For The Best Natural Ways To Give Your Horses And Dogs The Finest Health?

Our products are used and loved by Hunters, Jumpers, Eventers, Dressage, Ropers and Barrel Racers

Understanding Ayurveda Healing

As a horse and dog owner myself I have always tried to find the best supplements and treatments for them.  Many years ago before I even knew there was something other than what was the norm I just used what was commonly available.  As I grew older and acquired more animals I learned more about life, health and that there are other medical ways to approach illnesses.  I started to look into more natural and healthier options for myself and my animals. 

The power of Ayurveda

How our supplement helped Rio

Would you believe that this horse is 22 years old? Rio shows no signs of slowing down, his joint pain and inflammation is a thing of the past with the help of Ayurveda for Animals. Instead of covering up his pain with conventional medicine his owner has him take both Inflam-Away and Senior Health supplements with results that are nothing short of astounding. See for yourself, Rio is joint pain free and leaves horses half his age behind.

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I started using Equilibrium on a horse that was a bit difficult to work with and ride. He struggles with the turnout. He was unpredictable to ride, clip or workaround. He would become unsettled at the least little thing. After two weeks on the EquiLibrium, he started to be more settled in the stable and the paddock. He was more focused when being ridden. After a month I rarely worried about doing things with him that had before odd moments but was greatly improved. Having worked with horses for over 40yeards I would highly recommend EquiLibrium for anyone looking to take some of the edge off high strung and quicky horses. Give it a try, I think you will notice a difference in the first two weeks.

Beth Bronson (Barn Manager)

Ossian Ventures LLC

Wellington Florida

Happy Pets


Giving your horse and dogs our supplements will give them good health. A healthy pet is a happy pet

Healthy Products


Our products are healthy for pets and contain ingredients that they need to solve any complications. 


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